Struggling to find more time to write?


Build a writing habit that lasts and finish at least one project in 90 days!


The 90-Day Writing Accelerator is a cohort-based course that has taught 100s of writers create a tailored writing system and complete their projects with daily accountability.

Stop overthinking.
Start writing productively.


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Who is the 90-Day Writing Accelerator for?


  • You can't find the time to write
  • Your schedule is cluttered¬†
  • You can't focus¬†
  • You have too many tasks to finish

...even though your career and income depends on productive writing!


Taking consistent action on your writing projects is hard, but we help you create your personalised system to finish in 90 days what takes others years.


What writers say about the program:

Anna Spadavecchia

Senior Lecturer

The ‚Äė90-Day Accelerator‚Äô is an excellent programme. It has marked a turning point in my approach to academic writing. Following the steps, I met my 90-day writing goal and submitted¬†my journal article, despite being very busy. The initial¬†session¬†with Nicole¬†was¬†a game changer. It helped me define my writing goals and take the necessary professional steps to achieve them. I really loved the programme!¬†

Jutta Tobias Mortlock

Senior Lecturer & Consultant

My relationship with writing has changed completely. I thought I’d never get a paper written that’s really important to me, and that I had been agonizing over for years. I had hired well-known writing coaches before, so I was sceptical... But I learned how valuable it is to have a coach who walks through each step, and works out what mental reframes and exercises help whenever you feel stuck. My paper is now published!

Bhavisha Parmar

Researcher & Audiologist

This has been a game changer! I really needed the accountability and the weekly check-ins to properly plan my writing goals and keep on track. I had to balance writing my thesis with writing up 3 publications. It was daunting, but the coaching provided extremely helpful tips to help me manage! I highly recommend it to anyone needing an extra push, motivation and accountability to move towards the finish line. 

Doron Bahat


When I started working with you, writing felt like a big challenge. But with your guidance, it became an exciting journey of discovery. Instead of getting stuck, you showed me how to focus on my thoughts and ideas. 

Catherine Polet

 Joy & Fulfilment Coach

In no time you have a clear idea of how and what to write. It gives you the roadmap to write your content, even when you feel stuck. I use it now for all my content! Love it!

Stephen Timoney 

Self-Performance Coach 

Nicole‚Äės process has been a game changer. Her prompts helped me get to a deeper level of understanding of what I‚Äôm trying to say, and how I am¬†going to help people with my message. I felt lost in my content creation before, but now, Nicole's tools are the foundation of my weekly process.¬†



Most Blocked Writers Face the Same 7 Problems 


# 1: No time to write: Making writing a priority seems impossible with your schedule 

# 2: No accountability: No one holds you accountable with deadlines what make you write

 # 3: Lack of focus: Your mind clogged and time to think is hard to come by

# 4: No daily practice: You lack routines for regular writing - wasting your time

# 5: Ineffective writing: If you do have time, you don't use it efficiently

# 6: No energy: You're overwhelmed and wonder if you're ever going to finish

# 7: Perfectionism: You fear your writing won't be good enough, so you procrastinate to avoid that fear


In¬†the 90-Day Accelerator, we¬†coach¬†you to demolish all of these‚ÄĒone by one.


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How Does the 90-Day Writing Accelerator Work?

12-Module Curriculum 


Our proven 12-Step Blueprint for a productive writing habit shows you exactly how to prioritise the right projects, say no to distractions, and write daily with ease.

  • 12x weekly game-changing trainings (15-20min) to¬†build your writing system and take action on your project
  • 12x audio version to listen pod-cast style
  • 12x planning sheets, workbooks & actionable homework¬†
  • 12x meditative visualisations at the end of each training to rewire your¬†subconscious for¬†flow¬†


Trainings released each Monday, right into your inbox.

Group Coaching 


To make sure you apply the trainings and make real change in your life, you get deep coaching to overcome obstacles fast - you'll see the method working for you within days!

  • 6x expert live¬†coaching¬†(60min)
  • Overcome any¬†resistance and build your writing muscle¬†
  • Continually make progress with¬†your¬†90-day goal¬†
  • Thrive with¬†daily accountability and make massive progress on a specific writing project


Guided Co-Writing 


Experience instant writing flow when our facilitators guide you in our Power Hour sessions. You'll rewire your brain for flow!

  • 6x focused co-writing sessions to¬†experience what¬†it feels like to write without stopping (60min)
  • Flow prompts¬†to lead you right into the deep work zone, no matter how¬†busy your day¬†is
  • Maximum motivation without distractions - see your words flow to the page¬†and train your brain for more flow


Community & Accountability


Finally, if you’ve struggled with holding yourself accountable to your writing goals in the past, we'll make it stick:

  • 90 days of¬†daily progress¬†tracking so you make massive progress on an important writing project
  • 90 days of community boost on our private platform where your coach comments on your daily wins and helps when obstacles arise
  • Accountability buddy¬†for extra support (optional)
  • We hold you accountable and show you how to write even during busy weeks¬†


You experience our proven 90-Day Accountability Roadmap with weekly planning and daily check-in's to keep up momentum.

What previous participants achieved:

Sarah Smith


I have made far more progress in three months than I did over the previous year. I’ve increased my writing productivity four-fold. Key were the daily goal setting and making time for weekly reflection, always focusing on the wins.

Talal Mohammad

 International Consultant

Finding Nicole has been one of the best things I’ve done since I signed my book contract. I was struggling for days just staring at the screen. Ina few months, I have managed to write over 30.000 words! The book is published now!

Diana Bolsinger

Assistant Professor

I have submitted a paper and a book review thanks to the new energy and structure I have gained from the program! The course doesn't just focus on writing itself, but teaches how to structure and manage our time, refine goal-setting, and more!

Iona Tuta


The program was the first time that I allocated so much time to writing. Once I created my plan, things started to grow. I realised I need a daily routine to get out of the stalemate!

Anne-Marie Grey

Leadership Coach & Consultant 

In the first few minutes, I overcame my dread of writing, which helped me create 5 articles. It made writing fun and kept me accountable for writing on a regular basis.

Paul Sheppard

Coach & Podcaster 

Being coached by Nicole  has given my book a new lease of life. The accountability assignments helped me feel motivated and focused in getting the work done!


You'll Apply a 12-Step Framework to Build a Productive Writing System That Solves the Biggest Writing Blocks


About Dr Nicole Janz


Like you, I struggled with overwhelm and procrastination in my 20 years as a journalist, academic, and now coach and entrepreneur.

The pressure to prove myself and squeeze writing into the evenings led to panic attacks and burnout.

But... the lowest point in my life helped me figure out a new way to write.

I learned that systems, solid habits and routines are key to write regularly, and I've used this framework to coach hundreds of writers to publication success!

What would YOU do in 2024 with a writing system that works?

Join us at the 90-Day Writing Accelerator to become a productive writer and stop wasting your time!

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