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Discover The Write Habit Planner

The Write Habit Planner helps busy writers beat procrastination. You'll get:

  • A blueprint for a highly productive writing year 
  • A fail-proof method to turn big goals into simple roadmaps
  • The secret to rapidly entering flow state
  • The art of becoming a consistent writer in just 10 minutes a day
  • A FREE ONLINE COURSE with guidance through all the steps - so that you always know where to start
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No complicated methods to learn— just grab the planner and live the ‘write habit’ daily:

  • A year's worth of goal setting the easy way to help you finish your writing projects faster
  • 12x monthly spreads to plan productive sprints & reflect
  • 52x weekly spreads to prioritise, time block, & track your writing every single day
  • Writer's Toolbox with 5 proven tools to get out of block

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How the Planner works


Become your Future Self:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • Which goals matter?
  • What habits will get you there?

You get clear on what you want and how to get it.


Break down the mountain: 

  • Focus on micro steps
  • Know where to start
  • Foresee obstacles and solutions

You’ll reflect and stay on track when life gets busy.


Focus on the 'big 3': 

  • Use your time better
  • Drop endless to-do lists
  • Enjoy a more spacious schedule

You learn to prioritise writing in your life.


Wear one 'hat' only:

  • Prepare, read, plan
  • Draft new text 
  • Edit, revise or proofread your piece

You remove worries and write in flow.

Prompts make it easy to start

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