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Struggling to break through writer's block? Frustrated with inconsistent progress? The solution is here!


  • Unlock Your Best Work: Set achievable goals with our Annual and Quarterly milestone overview. See all your projects in one place with clear action steps throughout the year!
  • Structured Productivity: Dive into 30-day sprints with our 12x undated monthly spreads. Reflect on your achievements and learn from blocks. This isn't just a planner; it's your roadmap to regular improvement of your writing habit!
  • Daily Mastery: Empower your daily routine with 52x undated weekly spreads. Prioritize, time block, and effortlessly track your writing progress every single day. 
  • 10 Minutes to Consistency: Discover the art of becoming a consistent writer in just 10 minutes a day. The proven Write Habit system will turn your writing goals into reality, one day at a time.
  • Trusted by Diverse Creators: Join authors, academics, ghostwriters, students, copywriters, editors, journalists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who have supercharged their productivity. Whatever your niche, plan better and write faster with The Write Habit Planner.
  • Bonus: Exclusive access to our Write Habit Online Course for extra motivation, habit training, and community.

Don't stay stuck; thrive with

The Write Habit Planner!

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Greg McKeown

Author of the NYT bestselling  Essentialism and Effortless


A ‘true writer’ sacrifices family time, sleep, and sometimes sanity, right? Dr Nicole Janz turns that myth upside down and asks: What if writing could be easy? I couldn’t agree more, and I’m excited to see this idea executed in The Write Habit Planner. With clear and simple planning sheets, it helps you prioritise your writing and rally support around yourself – to make writing effortless. Stop trying so hard. Start using the planner and find easier ways to write every single week.


Dr Benjamin Hardy

Author of bestsellers Be Your Future Self Now, and 10X Is Easier Than 2X.


"The Write Habit planner is the best tool I’ve seen to get into writing flow fast. Dr Janz masterfully weaves the latest research on the Future Self into a simple, actionable tool that reshapes how writers prioritise their goals and make space for creativity. Grab this planner now and watch your confidence grow, propelling you towards your envisioned Future Self—a thriving, prolific writer."





How To Get Started

  • Recap last year's learnings
  • Start fresh with your biggest dreams
  • Identify key skills, people and habits you'll need

You'll feel motivated and a sense of purpose again!


  • Clarify your goal 
  • Connect it to your future self vision
  •  Set action steps and a feasible time-line

Plus, you'll design a backup plan as well!

52 WEEKLY PLANS (undated)
  • Prioritise your 'big 3' 
  • Time block your tasks each month & week
  • Track and reflect your progress

You'll establish a simple but effective planning routine!

  • 12 Proven Tools out of Block
  • Goal Filter and Mindsweep to say "no"
  • Your Flow Ritual, 10-Minute Rule, and more

Top 5 strategies to uplevel your writing habits and mindset!


Prompts make it easy to set better goals



Feedback & Reviews 




It's More Than a Planner.

It's The Write Habit Way!


The Write Habit planner comes with a FREE online course:
  • How to get started
  • How to tailor it to your life
  • How to upgrade your habits without overwhelm

QR code inside the planner.


The Write Habit Community is your tribe - a great place to:
  • Share your goals 
  • Ask for help and guidance
  • Share which pens, stickers... make it fun

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Sized at 8x10 inch (ca. A4) to be easy to use:
  • Visual overview
  • Perfect on your desk
  • Take it on-the-go, it is slim and light

Be a writer everywhere with this gorgeous book!

This planner started as a book, but I turned it into a planner: 
  • Faster way to set goals
  • Prompts to avoid confusion
  • Taking immediate action is simple and easy

Open it, break it in, use it!

Order now on Amazon:

Buy in the U.K.
Buy in the U.S.
Buy in Germany

... or search for "Write Habit Nicole Janz" on your country's Amazon page! 

Amazon reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

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